Buck Rub Pizza Pub is 6 miles south of us and they serve till 10:00pm. Reservations are not required. Located on Route 3. Phone #: 538-6935

The Rainbow Grill is 6 miles from here. They have a nice bar and a diverse menu selection. A great place to eat and relax. Reservations required. Located on Beach Road. Phone #: 538-6651

Murphy’s Steak House is 3 places up from Partridge Cabins. You may want to walk there from here, weather permitting. New to the area with cozy dinning rooms and Chef Angle preparing your food, you can’t leave Pittsburg without trying Murphy’s! Reservations required Phone #: 538-9995

Happy Corners Cafe is just 2.4 miles south of us. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. Reservations not required. Located on Route 3 Phone #: 538-1144